My name is Jorge Juan B. Wieneke V, a Manila-based 27-year old laptop artist, electronic music educator and a professional in the realm of sound(DJ/Producer/Film Score/Sound Design/Folley Artist/Sound Engineer). I have been making music for over a decade spanning across a variety of styles(IDM, glitch, abstact hiphop, ambient, footwork/juke, house, musique concrete, etc) under various monickers ( %ercentius, milkriddles, etc) but primarily release music under the name "similarobjects". I also run a small label/artist collective called BuwanBuwan Collective which is a cultivating platform for Manila's Beatscene / Electronic Music Community wherein we hold URL and IRL events/workshops, releases and perpetual creative and cultural exchanges. In 2016, I officially opened the Mentorship/Educational Program "Cosmic Sonic Arts" as an extension of my vision to foster a deeper connection and awareness between music, spirituality, expression and self discovery. I also teach Electronic Music in De La Salle–College of Saint Benilde as part of their AB-Music Production Program. Aside from music I have a love (maybe an obsession?) for the esoteric & the occult, sci-fi, mycology, philosophy, crystals, truth and knowledge.


all is sadhana.